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Diverse, innovative investments and products for progress


Profitably improving the world via responsible and innovative business practices and partnerships

Our Story

Saltshaker Holdings' goal is to build a diverse portfolio of companies that can successfully integrate while bringing positive change to the world.

Saltshaker Holdings, LLC was founded in 2009 by Jeffrey M. Zucker. Saltshaker began with residential real estate development and property management. While the company’s foundation still lies in those roots, Saltshaker has expanded into other industries, such as film, software, graphic design, and hospitality.

Mission and Vision

Saltshaker strives to profitably improve the world via responsible and innovative business practices and partnerships in a diverse array of industries.

Our mission is to build a diverse, cohesive group of businesses that can provide strategic advantages and support to each other while both being profitable and helping to improve the world.



People are the Answer Podcast

Founder Jeffrey M. Zucker interviews innovators in social impact on People are the Answer. While it started with his passion for drug policy and criminal justice reform, topics have expanded into areas like healthcare, education, economics, and more.

Big Smits Entertainment

Big Smits Entertainment is a film production company focused on creating high-quality web series and pilot presentations, among other media. BSE hopes to bring joy to the lives of our viewers via superb content like nothing ever seen before.


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